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Looking To Sell?

Management Rights Brokers will help you find the right buyer sooner.

Once you have decided to sell your management rights business, it can be easy to expect things to happen quickly and easily, however, there is a lot to be done to achieve a successful sale.

While the process generally takes 3-4 months, it will definitely be easier if you have the advice and support of an experienced industry professional from the outset.

The service you receive from Management Rights Brokers Australia will include help to organise the following: 

  • Professional photography;
  • Listing your property online at;
  • Arranging accurate and great-looking floor plans;
  • An accurate market valuation from an industry valuer;
  • Assisting you in preparing for your industry accountant to prepare a financial verification; 
  • All necessary documentation to complete your transaction, including all body corporate agreements and deeds of variation. 

Talk to us about our successful sales histories, which have included: 

  • Evolution Apartments, Brisbane City: $1.1m net at 6.1 times/$7.1m sale price
  • Ephraim Island: $460K net, $2.7m sale price, 384 lots, 8 Bodies Corporate
  • Bridgewater Apartments: $480k net, $3.3m sale price, 103 lots, 5.25x multiplier

Throughout the listing, negotiation, due diligence and settlement process, you’ll have Management Rights Brokers Australia on your side. This means constant communication, the benefits of a methodical strategy and help to liaise with the many professionals involved in this type of transaction.

No matter what your goals are, it is our aim to help you achieve them. Get in touch to discuss your listing today.

“Greg was able to turn an impossible situation where we had a very hostile committee for many years and many legal battles with them to Greg gaining a good relationship with the chairperson. His professionalism and the excessive time he spent on this property made for a good sale.”

“We were at the stage of walking away. Greg encouraged us to see it through and within a short time we had a contract at an excellent price. He then on a daily basis held the hand of the purchaser and the vendor right through to settlement. Thank you, Greg we will never forget the hard work you put into this.”  Sue & Steve – Zillmere.

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